A glimpse into the world of the handicapable.


Irony…At it’s best!

I was at a conference three years ago and a presenter shared her life experiences as a deaf-blind person. She gave this speech that brought tears to my eyes. She gave a first hand experience of her life in silence and darkness. But then she turned it around and gave all the reasons why life was so good. After the presentation, she ended it with a statement that surprised me. She said that she had met a girl in a wheelchair and just almost broke down in tears of sympathy for the poor girl who couldn’t walk. I always thought about the irony in that situation…the girl in the wheelchair felt pity for the girl who was deaf blind, who turned out to be feeling sorry for a girl in a wheelchair.

I had a chance to meet another person who was Deaf-blind. She went from a person I felt bad for, to a person that had te funniest sense of humor, and enjoyed life as much as I did. It’s funny how people begin as a “stereo type” in your head and transform into an actual individual. In return, she makes comments to me that signifies that I am not “just a girl in a wheelchair”, I, too, had become a friend.


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