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Getting ready for baby

This is our "theme". It's a jungle theme and when it's done, it'll be AMAZING! Thanks aunt Ashy, Uncle Mark, Uncle Josh and Daddy!

I’m feeling huge right now! I know, I know that’s not a bad thing. I know he’s growing and he’s growing FAST. The last time we were at the doctor’s office, he weighed a whopping 11oz! I’m sure he’s put on a few (oz), since…

I go to my next doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear his little heartbeat again. It makes it seem so much more real, you know? It’s funny how the human mind works. It took me about 4 months to actually realize that, yes indeed, I am pregnant. It wasn’t until I saw him wiggle his bottom (of all body parts) that he became my (sorry Chris…OUR) baby.

His profile is amazingly close to mine, and I’m so happy! Remember my first post? I’ve always wanted to resemble someone, and finally I get to share this special thing with my son.

Chris did a really cool thing on the computer the other day. He found a baby picture of me (well, as close to “baby” as you can find of me) and laid the sonogram picture of Zoomie on top.  Now didn’t I tell you how talented my hubby is?

My sister, Ash, and my brothers, Josh and Mark came over today. I desperately needed some help with the nursery and I knew they had good experience with painting rooms. Chris, my siblings and I  got it whipped out pretty quickly and it looks great! I can’t wait for the crib and dresser to arrive! Mark replaced the light in the room with a fan (it gets a little warm in that room) and the floors were cleaned up. It’s amazing how different the room looks. Goodbye “man cave” and hello nursery! Does this symbolize our stage in life?

It's it beautiful! I still need to add the border in the middle, but I like the effect!

This is his closet. It's actually quite spacious for a newborn. He will need it! He's got a lot of people that love and spoil him already!!!


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