A glimpse into the world of the handicapable.

My five thoughts for the day….You are welcome!


Wow…!  It’s been almost 15 months since Caiden’s been born and I have learned SO much!  I have a small (yet growing list) of things I would like to share with everyone…

1.  One size does NOT fit all.

When you think about it, that’s applicable to EVERY aspect of a person’s life.  Pants, PJ’s, Bra’s (yes, there is a “one size fits all bra” that comes in small, medium and large…contradicting, I know.) and parenting.  I have parents give me advice…mostly great (buy clothes ahead, prioritize your time, don’t sweat the small stuff), some good (don’t feed your baby after midnight, don’t get your baby wet, don’t…oh wait…that was for my Mogwai…) and some TERRIBLE.  But you take them in stride and I do what I think is best for Caiden.

This is Caiden's FAVORITE game!  =)

This is Caiden’s FAVORITE game! =)

2.  Don’t assume.

Communication is so important in any relationship.  I am still learning to communicate effectively with Chris and with Caiden.  This is (I feel) going to be a life long lesson to be learned.  I guess part of communicating is asking questions but my brain is so ADD I forget.  I also forget to let the other party know that I am making (or had made, or WILL make) a joke.

Funny story…I love to joke with my students!  My freshman are my favorite to play around with.  They don’t realize that I am not the scary, strict teacher that all of their high school expectations has taught them.  Oh no!  (Did I mention I convinced the entire Deaf ed high schoolers that one of the teachers has a fake eye?  Nor had I bothered to tell that teacher until a little later-when the students were staring at her eye-that there was a “rumor” that she had a glass eye, and that I started the rumor.)  I forgot where I was going with this…so, let’s move on.

3.  Ask for help

Swallow my pride.  Ask for help.

I think I do a decent job asking for help when I need it.  Actually, I have worked hard at doing such, BEFORE I become overwhelmed and do something silly.

4.  Don’t eat it if you can’t remember when you cooked it.

Thankfully, permanent marker and ziplock baggies have been my best friend.  So, this issue really hasn’t affected me much.  But I figured, if posting this helps at least ONE person, then, I’ve done my good deed for the day.  You’re welcome.


Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Seriously…don’t.  I’m watching you.  STOP!  =)

All in all, life with a one year old has been so enjoyable.  I’m learning, I’m growing and maturing.  I realize that my love didn’t grow, as much as it just…became deeper for my husband and baby boy.  I love life.  One does not need a set of working legs to experience this.  =)

Best Buddies!

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2 thoughts on “My five thoughts for the day….You are welcome!

  1. annboehm57 on said:

    Holly – always great to read your blog. Caiden is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your life- you are very handicapable and a teacher – even when you are not in the classroom. Big hug and thanks.

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