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I’ve been hiding an awful secret for about three months now.  I thought I could quit any time.  I thought I was in control.  It was only when my husband found my stash, I knew I “might” have a problem.  It wasn’t until I found my own stash…er, rediscovered my own stash that I had completely forgot about…that I knew…  I need help.

Hello, my name is Holly. ***ECHO*** (“Hello Holly”)

I am a chocoholic.

I heard a few of you gasp.  One of you fainted.  Two of you rolled your eyes (and I KNOW who you are…don’t think I didn’t see you…).  Most of you are giggling (probably at the one that fainted…I did too).

It all started on a chilly February Saturday.  Chris, Caiden and I were at Target restocking.  We passed by the chocolates and…well, you can guess what happened.  Like a moth to a flame…it called to me.  The conversation went like this…


Godiva Salted Carmel Chocolate Bar AKA HEAVING IN THE FORM OF CHOCOLATE (HITFOC) “PSSSST…you there…”

Holly:  (points to myself) “Me?”  (looking behind me…rolling in a circle…catching someone stare at me…realizing it was my reflection in the mirror …making one more circle, just in case…forgot what I was doing…OH!!!!!  CUTE SHIRT!!!!  SCORE!!  SALE!!! WHOOO HOOOO …  Wheelie Dance in honor of 75% off!  Whoop…whoop!)

HITFOC:  (shaking head…sighing…) “PSSSSST…YOU!  The ADHD Korean…!”

Holly:  “Oh yeah…!  You were saying?”

HITFOC:  “I got something for ya.  Everyone loves it.  Everyone’s eating it.  Wanna try?  It’s on sale…”

Holly:  “Oh…I don’t know…Diet, you know…….OK!”

So, you see…it was peer pressure…it was society…I couldn’t help myself!

But it just didn’t stop there.  Chris found my snickers on my desk cubby.  My Godiva Salted Caramel Bar in the Island drawer, my Cadbury Caramel Egg in my nightstand…and (sniff…) my Reese’s under my desk.  Yes…I have a problem…I have a nosey husband.   😛

When my husband finally confronted me with this addiction…I finally fessed up.  I’ve been consuming a bar a week.  AT LEAST…  Then…he gave me three for my anniversary.  I had a friend give me one for my birthday.  The people I love are feeding my addiction.  NOW…I’m not complaining…if anything…I’d like to invite all others to join in the giving.  JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST KIDDING! =)

Goodnight Friends!

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3 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Chris Cates on said:

    To be fair, your hiding spots are places I would eventually just stumble upon anyway.
    Any squirrel worth his weight would be very critical of your hiding spots.

  2. Funny! I hope you can get some help. 😄

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