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Adoption…baby pictures

20131230-002007.jpgI have a friend that has a blog. She adopted two little boys from China. She had a conversation with one of them about baby pictures. She was showing them baby pictures of when she was a day old. She was in her little hospital issued baby crib, her belly button had been pinned up and healing, the hospital issued blanket was displayed around her. Her little boy asked where HIS baby pictures were. He had none.

I don’t remember asking my mom for my baby pictures. I don’t think I gave it a thought until my high school graduation. It was a tradition at our small private school to show a slideshow of each of the graduates. The slideshow consisted of a letter written by our parents and pictures capturing our lives from birth to graduation day. It was a sweet tradition and I had been looking forward to seeing what my mom would write to me. I wasn’t disappointed. =)

However, I didn’t have a baby photo to include in my montage like my classmates. Instead, my slideshow began at 2 years of age. I was a little embarrassed at the fact that I didn’t have a picture of my mother swaddling me at the hospital hours after my birth. To clarify, I wasn’t embarrassed about being adopted. My entire school (all 200 of them) knew about my family and about my situation. I was proud of being adopted. My mom would always reassure me about how she “picked me to adopt.” I was “special because I was adopted.” However, I wanted to be like everyone else and have that infant picture.

Decades later, I still don’t have infant pictures of myself. Instead, I have something SO much better. I have an infant picture of my precious baby boy. I have a picture of myself in the hospital holding my baby just hours after he was born. I have my memories of him growing inside of me. I have pictures of my pregnancy. I have journals I have written before, during and after his birth. I have so much more than I could have wanted as a high school graduate. I was just focused on wanting the wrong picture.



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3 thoughts on “Adoption…baby pictures

  1. aussiejensblog on said:

    I too am adopted. I had baby photos, but no information on my former family. Fast-forward and I have photos and contact with them. We’re not close and never will be, but I know much more about them. Having photos and watching my children grow up (still a long way to go, they’re only 8 and 3!) have been amazing, and I don’t take it for granted.

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment. I was curious, how did you get in contact with your birth parents? I had tried briefly, but I can’t read or speak Korean so it’s made the task really difficult. šŸ™‚

      • aussiejensblog on said:

        It wasn’t an international adoption, it was a same-state adoption in Australia. It was a semi-open adoption, so my birth parents could contact my adoptive parents by sending letters through the adoption agency.

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