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I usually have strangers ask me random questions (mostly about my differently abledness). I thought I’d just collect a few of the questions and answer them. Please…take notes…take them seriously and try them on someone you barely know. smile emoticon Good luck.

A quick Q&A by Hol…

Q: Should I kneel, sit or squat down to talk to you?
A: Yes all three…and in that order. However, bowing is preferred (and a great alternative if you have bad knees).

Q: Is it okay to use the handicap stall if I am not disabled?
A: No. You will catch my disability (I am highly contagious). I’m only thinking of your well-being and future mobility.

Q: Is it okay if I hold the door open for you?
A: Sure it is. I think it’s polite and nice. Just make sure you bow, kneel, sit and squat as well. smile emoticon Who says chivalry is dead?

Q: What happened to you?
A: As stated in my blog ( ), I was bitten by a disabled radioactive spider. JUST KIDDING! I used the handicap stall.

Q: Does it bother you that people stare?
A: It depends on who or what they are staring at. If they are staring at thin air and talking to it…I grow concerned and end up staring at them. Do you think it bothers them? Hmmm…, how the tables have turned….I’ve digressed.

No. It does not bother me, I know I’m awesome…so people should take emoticon

Q: You are pregnant. How does that work?
A: You are observant. It’s like being able to walk (with a baby inside your tummy), only, I sit all the time…and I mean ALL the time. (I sleep, shower, etc. in my wheelchair).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this session of Q&A by Hol

Nothing to prove…

There are so many times I wish I could just grab someone by the shoulders and shake them until they understand, I AM CAPABLE.

I think it bothers me more that people doubt my ability to do things (take care of my children, be a good wife, drive (okay…that’s a separate topic all together), or live a quality life). I have a great life. I enjoy my job, I love my family, I love it all, but it never fails when I am the recipient of an”are you sure?” look or a “you don’t have to prove yourself to me” comment that makes me frustrated at a body that can’t walk, but is so much more capable. It makes me question who I am as a mother, wife or friend. I second guess abilities I KNOW I possess and then I second guess my worth. THEN I remember, HEY!!!! Who do they think they are? OR better yet…. Why do I even care?!  I know who I am.  My children and husband know who I am and what I can do.

I am so much more than my body. I am so much more than my inabilities. I am….handicapable. I can, therefore I will.



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