A glimpse into the world of the handicapable.

About MyHollyDays

Be prepared to be blown away!

Every day is a holiday for me…well, a Holly-Day, that is.  The name of the blog is a nickname that my friend had given me because I was festive, happy and cheerful most of the time.  I have no complaints.  Life is good.

Hello everyone and welcome to MyHollyDays!  Sharing my life is a bit intimidating but if this blog teaches you a thing or two about disabilities, brightens your day or gives you hope…well, it’s worth it.

Thanks to my wonderful and supportive husband, Chris, this blog is finally coming together.

First off, let me introduce myself…

I love cookies!

My name is Holly (aka MyHollyDays) and I was born in South Korea. I was adopted by an American family when I was 18 months old and was raised in Texas. I was born with Spina Bifida, a neural tube defect. It  affects my mobility and muscle control from the waist down. I started using crutches and braces when I was three. When I started college, I began using my wheelchair full time. I graduated with a BA in 2003 and went back to school to earn my masters in 2008. I am a teacher for the Deaf and I love my job! I teach high school math to Deaf students (Algebra, Geometry, Math Models, etc.) and on the side I am a sign language interpreter.

Chris and I

My husband and I met in college (GO MEAN GREEN!), and we have been married since 2009. My husband is a VERY talented video editor/animator. He is able-bodied (or as I like to call him…a show-off…). We have a house (ah…the American Dream…oh wait…was that the AC that went out??!?!?) that didn’t require any modifications, THANK YOU GOD! We were married for three years and had our first baby, “Bug”,  in 2012.  We had our second little girl, “Ladybug”, in 2015.  Both are healthy and happy!


2015-10-29 14.04.15


I started this blog to demonstrate how I, a person with a disability, do things that I consider ordinary, but others would find interesting. I am always being asked (by friends, acquaintances, and family) how I do things or how I would suggest doing things, such as, drive a car, get a job, and transfer out of my chair. I am also asked random questions like: “Do you sleep in your wheelchair at night?” (for the record…not every night…only when there is a full moon. I got bit by a disabled person one time…long story.) or “Why are your legs so little?” (I shrank them on a bet…).

I admit, some of my posts are educational, but I try to add bit of humor (you should never take yourself…or me very seriously).

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to post. I am an open book and invite anyone to share my life via

So sit back, pull up a chair (if you aren’t in one already) and enjoy! Thank you for visiting my blog!

3 thoughts on “About MyHollyDays

  1. Brenda Yablonsky on said:

    Was wondering if I could contact you about an article I’m writing for Spina Bifida Association’s national magazine. Is there an email I can use to send you some information?
    Brenda Yablonsky, Editor, Insights into Spina Bifida

  2. Holly! It was wonderful to meet you at CSW! Your website is inspiring, just like YOU! Best wishes for the coming school year…clearly, you are an amazing teacher 🙂


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