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Traveling with Caiden

Mini-sode 3: Mallrats

My Holly Days Mini-Sode 03: Mallrats from Holly Cates on Vimeo.

It’s a Sling Thing!

Episode 02 from Holly Cates on Vimeo.

Mini-sode Episode 1: Going for a Roll

My Holly Days Mini-sode Episode 01 from Holly Cates on Vimeo.

My Holly Days Episode 3 : Holly at Home

Here is the belated third episode of Holly Days. This one is about how Holly does some everyday activities around the house.

Also this was filmed right after Christmas, so please ignore the Christmas decor.

The next episode will be a cooking special complete with a secret recipe!

My Holly Days Episode 2

Hey all!  Episode 2 has arrived!!!

I am really excited about this episode.  It’s short, sweet and to the point.  Plus, I get to show off some cool moves!  CHILDREN…DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

This episode discusses different chairs that I’ve had in the past and how it compares to what I have now. The chair I have now is a Quickie.  It’s one of the lighter models.  However…it’s not what I originally brought home.  When I first got my chair, my tires were too forward and the back was too high, hard, plastic and uncomfortable.  I did a few adjustments and it worked out just fine.  I figured out how to move the wheels back more providing a better sense of balance.  (I was forward heavy).  Then I requested the fabric back from the company I bought the chair from.  My chair rep, Brent, is so sweet and accommodating!  I took the fabric backing home, and sewed the fabric the the height I liked (not typically recommended…) and slapped it on my chair using plastic ties.  It’s held up so far (since this summer) and I am pleased with the results.

I am done rambling…


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My Holly Days 1: Driving

This is the first part in a series to help educate people on how people with disabilities get around and also for other handicapable people to keep in touch with one and other and share their own stories.

Each month will deal with a different topic. This month the subject is driving and some of the challenges and occurrences that come with it.

Video Services handled by Lonecow Productions

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